About Us

Honeywell Fire Safety (HFS) innovates to protect and save lives every day, all over the world.

  • We transform working environments to ensure safety and productivity in virtually every industry with our Smoke and Gas Detection businesses.
  • We protect industrial and commercial workers and properties with our Fire Systems and Sensing and Devices divisions.
  • We provide improved medical care, peace of mind and life-saving technology with our Honeywell Life Care business and our First Responder's products and solutions.

Risk is becoming an increasingly important factor across many industries globally. Dynamic companies are creating new challenges-opening operations in extreme environments, introducing new machinery, technology and processes. And the world continues to present mankind with ever more demanding challenges: climate phenomena of increasing frequency and intensity, pandemics, and natural disasters.

That is why a growing number of leading companies have partnered with Honeywell Fire Safety to anticipate and mitigate risk in their operations. Because we have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to mobilize our unmatched resources to:

  • Develop innovative products, integrate system solutions, and services to make life safer, more comfortable, more secure, and more productive in every corner of the world.
  • Help companies and safety managers create a safer, more productive working environment by developing successful and sustainable "Cultures of Safety."

To consistently meet and even anticipate our customers' safety needs we sustain constant communication between sales, marketing, technology, and manufacturing to ensure our customers' voices are at the center of all we do. Concurrently we have teams proactively working with governments to understand emerging trends and regulatory requirements.

This allows us to aggressively fund discovery of innovative and appropriate technology for our customers' safety, peace of mind and operational efficiency, including: ergonomics, connectivity, detection, communication and advanced materials. This ensures our new product pipeline is continually delivering the latest solutions optimized to the challenges our customers have identified as priorities.

Market-leading innovations with an active pipeline, flawless product quality, well executed delivery and relentless focus on serving our customers, have made Honeywell Fire Safety a top-performing business within Honeywell and a global leader in all types of industries.

Airports, hotels, healthcare institutions, business centers, stadiums, industries, and schools-almost anywhere you go in the world, you'll find leading-edge HLS technology in products, software, and solutions all around you. It is a reflection of the commitment the Honeywell Fire Safety team has made to ensuring our customers are safe and successful.

It is our mission every day.